Norman & Underwood’s technical expertise and traditional craft skills have led to commissions for roofing and glazing restoration projects on many prestigious and historic buildings overseas.

Most significant of these was the Dome of the Rock, a two year project to refurbish and relay the roofs on one of Islam’s most holy shrines, including the largest gold covered dome in the world.

Other major international contracts have included:

  • project managing the installation of new copper roofs on the British Embassies in Moscow and Korea
  • replacing the leadwork on Port Stanley House in the Falkland Islands
  • advising on repairs and conservation to the copper roof on the Anglican Cathedral in Hamilton, Bermuda
  • supervising local labour to relay lead sheeting to the roof of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem
  • restoring one of the largest stained glass window in the world at the Data Darbar Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan
  • working on the residence of President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom in the Maldives

Norman & Underwood provides a flexible range of services for overseas customers, ranging from technical advice and reports, specific craft skills or complete project management. We are experienced at working with local or other international companies and at managing and supporting local craftsmen.

Dome of the Rock, Israel

dome of the rockThe Dome of the Rock mosque in Jerusalem is Islam’s third most holy site. Built in 688-691 by the Muslim ruler Abd el Malik, it marks the spot where Mohammed ascended into heaven and where Abraham was ordered to kill his son Isaac.

In 1992, King Hussein of Jordan personally funded a $8.4 million project to replace the Dome’s leaking roofs. Norman & Underwood was commissioned to replace the lead on the octagonal ambulatory roofs and to reclad the 13,000 sq ft Dome, the largest gold covered dome in the world.