N&U Work on Attingham Park

Norman & Underwood have been featured in Roofing Today magazine with the work being carried out on Attingham Park in Shropshire which is owned by the National Trust. The work Norman & Underwood are carrying out is re-roofing work on the main building. This has proved to be a challenge as the National Trust were determined to keep the house open to the public, meaning that we had to construct a temporary crash deck underneath the main gallery ceiling to protect visitors to the house. N&U then had to very carefully place protective plywood boxing around the roof’s glazing, then glazing bars were added to shield them from any damage or vibration.

Another problem which occurred for N&U was the wind loading on the building. Which we figured could cause the scaffolding to move up to 30mm. To make sure this didn’t happen we sat the scaffolding on wheels that could accommodate and absorb any wind movement. The 8-10 workers which were onsite so far have removed approximately 10 tonnes of lead from the flat parts of the roof with about 90{5ef27786c4b3db579c1d5be622f60536c46554a6b0249463ff14b2f00e21690c} of it being recycled to use in the new sandcast lead roof forms.

In this area there is also an iconic roof lantern which is designed to radiate light onto the main staircase below. The lantern itself is constructed of two layers an outer glazed wrought iron-frame which is protecting the inner stained glass timber lantern underneath. The lantern on the outside is being removed to allow better access to the lantern underneath which will then be refurbished before being placed back onto the roof.

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