Craft Apprenticeships

Norman & Underwood is ensuring that the traditional skills needed to maintain historic buildings are not lost by running its own craft apprenticeship programme.

The company has developed strong links with local colleges to offer apprentices the opportunity to gain recognised qualifications and experience in plumbing, glazing and construction.

However, as these general courses do not cover the specialist craft skills, Norman & Underwood has also has established its own in-house training facilities where apprentices can gain hands-on experience of lead work, stained glass, stone masonry and other traditional techniques under the supervision of qualified craftsmen.

“Young people today are encouraged to stay on at school and try for a university place, but an apprenticeship can be a better option for the more practically oriented,” says managing director Dr Jon Castleman DSc.

“Skilled craftspeople can make an extremely good living, and Norman & Underwood provides opportunities to work on some of the most historically important and prestigious buildings, both in the UK and overseas.”

An apprenticeship can even be a route into a management career. Almost all Norman & Underwood’s divisional managers and directors started as apprentices with the company and have worked their way up through the ranks.

Norman & Underwood can also offer eight weeks’ work experience programmes for students aged 15 in their last year at school. Several trainees have gone on to gain permanent positions with the company.

For further information on craft apprenticeships and work experience at Norman & Underwood, please contact Darrell Warren or Dr Jon Castleman DSc on 0116 231 8000.