Attingham Park National Trust Visit

Last week employees working for the National Trust at Attingham Park were invited to visit N&U to see some of their own lead being smelted down and recast into new sand cast lead sheet.

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Attingham Park is located in Shrewsbury and was built for the 1st Lord Berwick in 1785; the family owned the property for over 160 years. The park is now owned by the National Trust and has been made their regional headquarters. Features of the estate include Woodlands and a Deer park which is home to around 300 Fallow Deer. There is also a walled garden and Orchard which grows fresh produce which is used on the estate within the tearooms which are open to the public and visitors to the park. It is also a designated site of special scientific interest as it is home to a lot of extremely rare species of Invertebrates.

The stunning roof of the building which covers the picture gallery (the main attraction at the park) is currently being restored by N&U. This project is part of ‘Attingham Re-discovered’ which has been helping bring the grounds back to life since 2006. The lead which staff at the park have seen being smelted down at N&U will be the first cast which will end up on the roof at Attingham which is the main headquarters for the National Trust.