MD Gives Talks to Local WI’s to Raise Money for Local Charity

wi-loros-logo Norman and Underwood’s Managing Director Dr Jon Castleman DSc has been taking part in and giving a number of talks for the National Federation of Women’s Institutes. He spent an evening talking to around 15 members of the Gopsall Villages WI which was held at Congerstone’s village hall this week.

In the coming days Jon will also have 16 members of the Newbold Verdon WI where they will be shown a video which will explain the history of Norman & Underwood.  They will then be given a short talk about the company before being taken to have a look at the casting table and glass cutting equipment in which we use.  The day will end with lunch and then Jon will answer any questions that any of the guests may have about their visit to our premises.

Jon will also be giving a talk to another larger group from the National Federation of Women’s Institutes whom are based in Glenfied in Leicestershire. This group will have the same Tour and talk as the previous group. All of these talks are being done to help raise awareness of our company within the local community.

These talks and tours however will not only raise awareness of the company but will also help raise money for a local Leicestershire and Rutland based charity LOROS.