Lead Enquiries

Top Quality Rolled Milled Lead supplied to BS EN 12588, very competitive rates, friendly service, can deliver nationwide.
For Cast Lead, enter the width you require in millimetres (maximum width 1100mm). For example, enter 1000 if you wanted 1000mm. Enter the length you require in metres (maximum length 5.5m). For example, enter 5 if you wanted 5m.

Also available:-

  • Wood Cored Rolls
  • Annular Ring Shank Nails, Copper and Stainless Steel
  • Underlays
  • Cast Lead Domes
  • Lead Screw Dome Sets
  • Lead Roses
  • Lead Fleur de lys
  • Lead Slates
  • Patination Oil
  • Fixing Clips
  • Lead Expansion Joints
  • Lead Sealants
  • Lead Flashing Cleats

Also, producers of Sand Cast Lead, Supply and Fix. Suppliers and Fabricators of Hard Metals in Copper, Zinc, Stainless Steel and Aluminium, Supply or Fix option. Rolls of material can be supplied too.

Code 3
Code 4
Code 5
Code 6
Code 7
Code 8
  • Milled Lead 1
    Milled Lead 2
    Milled Lead 3
    Milled Lead 4
    Milled Lead 5
    Cast Lead 1
    Cast Lead 2
    Cast Lead 3
  • All theory weights are subject to BS EN 12588:06 (manufacturing tolerance of ± 5{5ef27786c4b3db579c1d5be622f60536c46554a6b0249463ff14b2f00e21690c}), and calculated by: length (m) x width (m) x weight Kg/m2.