World Record!

April 2014
Norman and Underwood are proud to be part of a New World Record!


On the 5th April 1903 the master tinsmith Gottlieb Scheu created a whistling invention out of two pieces of metal. He gave these whistles to his children as a present and they could not be overheard with their piercing whistling. This is why soon everybody then knew “The tinsmith is in the village!“

Record Attempt

20 countries and 5 continents, including the Bishop’s City of Brixen will take part in a world record attempt to build 20,000 whistles on Saturday 5th April 2014. If you would like to make a whistle yourself then you can head down to Grosser Graben or Bastioni Maggiori between 10am and 4pm to make one yourself. There will be plenty of entertainment for children and even a tinsmiths’ crage exhibition.

World Record Achieved

The world record of 20,000 was not only achieved but beaten with a total of 51,337 being made worldwide. Norman & Underwood making an amazing total of 617 of the overall total within the time limit on Saturday 5th April. For more information about the world record visit Spengler Mit Pfiff’ Facebook page:

Norman & Underwood Team
From left to right: Shaun Ward, Taylor Ward, Mike Smith

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