Indoor Market, Leicester

The indoor market (1973) is a multi-level building containing a fish market and a delicatessen, as well as stalls selling clothes, haberdashery, footwear, jewellery, gemstones, and confectionery. A new extension has now been built at the abutment of the Leicester Corn Exchange (which was originally constructed as a trading centre constructed in 1850). This new more »

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Dome of the Rock, Israel

The Dome of the Rock mosque in Jerusalem is Islam’s third most holy site. Built in 688-691 by the Muslim ruler Abd el Malik, it marks the spot where Mohammed ascended into heaven and where Abraham was ordered to kill his son Isaac. In 1992, King Hussein of Jordan personally funded a $8.4 million project more »

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The Hive, Worcester

The new Worcester Library & History Centre was an innovative partnership development between Worcestershire County Council and the University of Worcester to create Europe’s first fully integrated public and university library. Known as The Hive, the dramatic building features seven roof cones for natural stack ventilation and is clad in 16,000 TECU & gold shingles. more »

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