Basic Welding Training Course

Course Aims

basic weldingThis course is designed for those with little or no experience of working with lead sheet. This course is mainly practical and gives an introduction to the skills required for working with lead sheet and will allow candidates to develop competence in

Welding lead sheet details, to include positional and non-positional welding techniques.
Correct setting up and shutting down of the oxy-acetylene equipment.
Aspects of health and safety.

Traditionally the welding of lead sheet has been known as lead burning. Lead welding is widely used as an alternative to bossing and is preferred for situations where bossing is likely to result in unacceptable thinning of the lead sheet.

This course will give the opportunity for a real hands on experience where you will discover how lead sheet can be manipulated and formed to a variety of shapes used in roofing applications by using hand tools, and using hot and cold working techniques.

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